Contents of the Stew Pot

Click here for photos of the band taken during shows. 

Michael Thompson—Our fearless leader. Vocals, mandolin, guitar, bodhran, banjo, and sappy Irish-American songs.

Josh Thompson—The first second-generation member of Mulligan Stew, dubbed “the bastard son of Irish music and coffee.” Vocals, bodhran, hand drums, silly songs, webmaster, and audioprompter.

Sherman Bucheger—Vocals, bodhran, and music of the Old West.

Amanda Flageolle, astounding vocals, bones, encouragement, motherhood, apple pie, all that

Sean Thompson, bagpipe hero, vocals, guitar; the second second-generation member of Mulligan Stew

Éamon Poplin-vocals, rebel songs, bad jokes.

Ox Hill, vocals, upside down guitar, bad jokes

Ox Hill, vocals, upside down guitar, bad jokes

Mike McIntyre—vocals, djembe, raconteur, object of derision.

Krystal Thompson, Irish dance, vocals, tin whistle; the third second-generation member of Mulligan Stew

Erika Pullen, vocals, repartée, eye candy

Manuel Nuñez, bouzouki, vocals

Fox Britt, vocals and that winning smile

Owen Wareing, bodhrán, vocals, guitar, really bad French pronunciation

Eric Morgan, off-beat bodhran, etc.

Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan—Our illustrious founder, the “bone-headed” big gob himself. Vocals, bodhran, bones, tin whistle, and playing the audience.

Phillip Douglas

Phillip Douglas—Guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, miscellaneous percussion, and our source of traditional Scottish songs. Oft accompanied by his lovely wife Lauren, and enough Celtic sentiment to sink ships.

Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright—Vocals, storyteller, and graphic artist (designed the original Mulligan Stew Logo).

Sherry Jennings

Sherry Jennings—Vocals, rare songs, and the works of Billy Joel.

Brian O'Connell

Brian O’Connell—Vocalist, songwriter, and comedian.

Brendan and Jill Scott

Brendan and Jill Scott—Vocals, traditional rover and war songs

Dennis Alexander

Dennis Alexander—Vocals, tin whistle, and piano.

Shana Bean—Vocals, storyteller, our Scottish influence.

You’re never quite sure of the ingredients and the spices change from time to time, but the flavor’s just right for a taste of home.