Playing lots of music everywhere

10419593_10154932029605367_3561251557339497113_nMulligan Stew members have been playing lots of places, though the band has not had a lot of formal gigs lately. We play Kokopelli Beer Company, 8931 Harlan Street in Westminster every Monday, and Brendan’s Pub, 404 Broadway in Denver every Tuesday. These are informal music “sessions,” common in Irish music, where you never know who is going to show up, and the music is different every time. Most sessions feature mostly Irish traditional tunes, played on fiddles, guitars, flutes, whistles, stringed instruments, and so much more. When we show up, there are a lot more songs. Irish pub songs, war songs, love songs, drinking songs, songs about losing your love, drinking too much and going off to war. Is there a theme here?

We have a great time sharing our experience in Irish music with those of a more limited horizon. And of course, with the pub patrons who pay their bar tabs and enjoy the music. For St. Patrick’s Day weekend, we’re doing more the performance thing. Check out our Gigs page for where we’re going to be, and be sure to turn out, have a few pints and sing along. We’ll all be glad you did.

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